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Upcoming Roleplaying Conventions

Well, brain is in a roleplaying frame of mind, so I'm working on the games for the next years worth of conventions.

First up is Vorpalcon in Adelaide on the 15th and 16th of September. I'm not running anything new there, just submitted three old games (12/1, Homeward Bound and Pathway to Eternity) for their pleasure.

The weekend after that (22nd and 23rd of September) is Unicon here in Melbourne. I'm running a new game there, Lockdown.

There's a fair gap after that, and the next one isn't until next year, which will be Arcanancon, on the 25th to the 28th of January, 2008. I'm submitting two games for Arc, Unions and Intersections (a very serious game set at a funeral) and A Darkened World (a not so serious game set at a roleplaying game). Some of you have heard me talk about A Darkened World, so you know what to expect.

We have an early Easter next year, so it's only 2 months from Arc to Conquest (21st to the 24th of March 2008), where at the moment I'm planning on doing three games of my own, plus help in a number of others. At the moment it's the latest in the Friday Night Poker Club series (probably Heroes Edition); a new Amber game set in the Cannon universe after the first 5 Amber books, maybe the second five (I have to re-read them first); and a sequel to Dead Reckoning currently titled The Ferryman's Fee.

At the moment for Conquest I'm also looking at writing Don't Mention the War with Travis, helping Nick and Peter with the "Peter Strong Game" Freeform (anyone who's played any of the "Peter Strong Games" will know what I mean), plus I'm also down to help out with a few other games.

Pheno next year I'm intending to run Ball of Dreams for them as I think it's the type of game they will love, especially with the costuming.

After that is Gen Con Oz in July. I've let them know I'm willing to run any of my back catalogue for them, but I'm still waiting for more of a concrete reply than "thanks, we'll get back to you".

At the moment, it looks like Travis, Nick and myself will be running a Triad of Freeforms for Arcanacon 2009 (not my fault!), and I've still got heaps of games in the ToDo list...

Oh dear.
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