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I'm Dreaming of a Brown Christmas...

I went to work Christmas Eve. Note that I didn't say that I worked Christmas Eve. There was a large amount of silliness going on.

As far as I could tell the only person who was working that day was Jos, one of the other programmers, and think that was more enthusiasm, than work ethic.

As it was, we had to kick Jos out of the office. His wife was parked in the car out the back of the office, and his two kids (two cute girls) came up to get him. He kept on saying that he just wanted to finish this "one little thing" before leaving. As it was it took us half an hour to kick him out with both of his girls trying to drag him out!

I finished up at 3 in the afternoon, went home and packed and then left at 5 for the trip out to St George.

Distance to St George is 540km, and it takes about six hours. Brisbane to Toowoomba is two hours (lots of built up areas, plus a stop at the BP/McDonalds at Gatton). Then it's another hour to Dalby (where I stop for Dinner at the KFC, and ring Mum to let her know where I am), and then another 302km to St George, another 3 hours.

The drive out was nowhere near as bad as I expected it to be. Since it was at night I didn't have to worry about over-heating (me, not the car) or sun burn, plus there were storms north from Oakey onwards (Oakey is about 20km on the St George side of Toowoomba). The continuous lightning kept me entertained for the rest of the trip.

It also helps that the road from Dalby to St George is finally all decent two lane bitumen. There used to be one lane road and bridges in sections, but they're all gone now. Plus the section from Dalby to Moonie (115km) is 110km/h speed zone, so I really like putting the foot down.

There was even a few rain patches as I got within about 50km of St George.

I pulled in to Mum and Dads at 11:00.

Then it was unload the Christmas Presents and put them under the tree, chat for a while, and then go down to Glenn's place (my brother) where I was staying.

We got back to Mum and Dads by 9 the next morning, had breakfast, and opened presents. My main present from Mum and Dad had been the ticket to the John Farnham concert, so from them all I got on the day was some chocolate (yum!) and a few scratch-its (I didn't win anything).

From Glenn I got Babylon 5 season 1 Box Set on DVD (yah!) and a Star Trek T-shirt.

Mum and Dad got the DVD player from Glenn and I, plus I gave Mum Cats on DVD and Dad Red Dwarf on DVD. Glenn also gave them Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings on DVD.

Now, please excuse me, as this is where I rant.

After five days in St George I nearly strangled that insensitive git of a brother. He is a cheap, self-centered, insensitive prat.

If he is buying something for himself, he'll spend whatever is required, but buying for someone else?

The Star-Trek T-shirt? It was an extra that was sent to him when he bought one of the Star Trek TNG box sets that he didn't want. The Lord of the Rings DVD? He was going to buy himself the new Extended edition, so he didn't want the original anymore, so he gave it to Mum and Dad. He didn't even bother to wrap it, he just stuck it in the box that Mum and Dad had given him his present in, and handed it to them at the end of the present giving.

He gives me the shits!

[END RANT] for the moment, anyway.

Christmas lunch was at the next door neighbours, the MacDonalds. We've lived next to the Mac's since both our family and theirs moved in when that area of town was subdivided in the late 70's, maybe 1980. I've watched all the kids (Billy, Bellinda, Kelly, and Ashley) grow up, and it's kinda scary knowing that they're all old enough to drive now!

Christmas Dinner was over the road, at the Vaughans. Usually there are about four or five families there for Christmas dinner, but all the rest have finally moved out of St George, so this time there was only us and them. Kind of sad really.

The rest of my time over the five days was spent helping Mum with the computers, taking walks around town with Dad and Glenn, and generally helping out. And trying not to strangle Glenn.

I even showed Mum how to transfer old LP's onto CD.

I left St George about 9 am Sunday morning for the drive back to St George. Stop in Moonie to stretch my legs, Dalby for Lunch and to ring Mum, Gatton for a final stretch, and pulled into home at 3pm, and a final ring to Mum so she knew I was all right.

That was Christmas.


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Jan. 13th, 2003 12:52 am (UTC)
I mis-read part of the last paragraph as "stopped in Moonie to shave my legs"

And it still made sense!

Jan. 13th, 2003 01:51 am (UTC)
Vinyl to CD
but AJ, does your mum have a 78 speed player though??

Glad you're round & about.

I would hate your brother too if I knew him. But he's yours to hate. I'll just commiserate.
Jan. 14th, 2003 01:48 am (UTC)
Re: Vinyl to CD

She's got a turntable with the standard two speeds (33 1/3 and 45 I think), but I've never heard of a 78.

Thanks for the commiserations, as well.
Jan. 13th, 2003 02:07 am (UTC)
I have a cousin exactly like your brother. For years she'd give the 'extra' free gifts she got for 'spending $30.00 or more on any L'Oreal products!' to us. This included bright pink lipsticks, and other assorted oddities.

Of course...this was until another cousin got fair up her. :-)

It's deffinitely hard to remain sane around those people.
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I dream of rain
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