Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Politics shits me...

Politics really shits me.

Here you have a group of (supposed) adults running the country acting worse than 6 year olds with their petty gibes.

Last Friday Steve Bracks, the Victorian Premier, announced his resignation and so did the deputy Premier. Yesterday the Victorian Labour Party voted on the new Premier and deputy. So, now John Brumby is Victorian Premier, and Rob Hulls is deputy.

All well and good.

And then I read this:

...former Liberal premier Jeff Kennett condemned Mr Brumby's decision to install Mr Hulls as deputy rather than appointing a senior woman to the post.

"I consider this today to be the greatest own goal the Labor Party could possibly kick," Mr Kennett told The Age. "While he may be a great headkicker and a mate of John's, Labor should have been more astute and not rejected a woman."

So, just because the deputy is a man, he's automatically a lousy fucking choice? I am getting so fucking sick of the petty bickering you get in politics. I'm all for equality of the sexes, but people seem to have forgotten what equality means. It means treating everyone equally. Putting a woman in the position because she's the best for the position is equality. Putting a woman in the position because she's a woman is sexist and fucking stupid and drives me fucking nuts.

All this tells me is that the opposition don't have a clue and since they can't actually find anything legitimate to complain about they had to make something up, and they are hoping to get some sort of reaction by playing the sexist card. Well, they are the ones being sexist here in my books.

Politics shits me.
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