Random (halloranelder) wrote,

I need a new computer

My current computer, Dave, is almost 5 years old, and he's showing his age.

The problem is, where do I go for a new one?

Dell is basically out of the question for 2 reasons. Firstly most of their machines only come with Vista, and there's no way I'm touching that yet, plus secondly I really don't want to pay for all the extra bits you get with a Dell computer that you don't have any choice over. Things like speakers, keyboard, mouse, etc. I don't need any of them, as I have enough of them as it is.

If I was back in Brisbane I'd just get the bits I want from Umart and put it together myself. Living in Melbourne there would be the added problem of postage, however I've yet to find a place that can beat Umart's prices.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Tags: computers, geekery, links, shopping

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