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Tabletop campaigns

As much as I love writing and running freeforms at conventions, the biggest problem with them is that they are one off events. Once the game is over, the characters are put aside and never dealt with again, so they don't grow.

The two alternatives are ongoing freeforms (which, while on my to do list, are a hell of a lot of work, and I know I've fucked them up before) or tabletop campaigns.

Now that life is getting settled and I seem to know what I'm doing, I'd like to get a tabletop campaign (or three) going.

I've got three different on going campaigns that I'd like to do.

Shadowrun: Escalation

This is the Shadowrun game I started last year in Sydney, while I was living in Brisbane. The game went on hiatus when two of the main players went overseas, and then the move was impending so I just didn't have the time. Of the five regular players, one is now in Melbourne (Mark - non_lj_mark), one is over in the UK somewhere (hi Sim), and I believe the third is somewhere in Europe (and it was his own idea, and he wasn't just doing what Sim did, because he didn't have a life of his own, honest). Of those five people, Sim and Mark were the main reason I was running it, so with Mark and myself down here, I'm wanting to continue it with him and some new players.

The game uses Shadowrun Fourth Edition rules, but is set in the Third Edition time period (2060) and I'm intending to run the characters through the intervening ten years to catch up with the Fourth Edition time period (2070). All characters must be magical, and all must have reasons to know each other and trust each other. The characters don't need to be anything remotely resembling angels (they are Shadowrunners after all) but they do need to fall on the side with the "good guys". This is not a "monster of the week" kind of game, and I tend to do big, over-reaching story-arcs with world-shattering consequences.

Discussing this with Mark earlier today, we were thinking of players that would want to play that type of game, and that we think would be a good group. Thoughts included Hilary (arienmir) and Scot (mousebane and I'm sure there were more, but I can't think of them at the moment. If you're interested, talk to me or Mark with any questions you have.


A Dragonlance campaign, all the characters are teenage friends from the same village, and they have all just been banished from the village for causing too much trouble. They've all been told to take five years off, go see what the world has to offer, and above all, GROW UP! The game starts as the characters see the village fades behind them a the powerful spell takes hold on them meaning they can never see the village again, until certain conditions are met (that the characters don't know).

The characters will most likely start as zeroth level villagers, and will need to earn their way to being a first level anything. Again, I want characters that are friends and have a reason to be together, as I do not like my games to be about inter-party bullshit. Unless that's specifically what the game is about, I don't want it in my game.

Vampire: The Alliance

I liked the old style World of Darkness Vampire setting, except for one thing. I hated Clan Tremere. They just didn't make sense in context with the other clans, and I just didn't feel that they fitted in properly. Also, they ended up being responsible for just about everything that annoyed me in that setting, namely the Anarch/Camarilla/Sabbat/Independent split and the loss of the Salubri and Cappadocians clans.

So, as a result I'm working on my own version of the universe where Tremere looked at the whole vampire thing, and decided against it. As a result Vampire Clan Tremere didn't happen, the Anarch revolt didn't occur, which meant the Sabbat didn't get a chance to form, the Salubri didn't get wiped out and the Giovanni didn't get a chance to wipe out their parent clan and get upgraded from a bloodline to a full clan.

This also means that it isn't the time of the thin blood because there wasn't the apparent "need" to have so many childer, so the weakest Generation is 10th.

Most likely set in London, the plan for the game is a group of friends who went through school together (most likely the oddball group of people who always seem to occur that become a group of friends simply because they don't end up belonging to any of the other groups), swore they'd stay together forever, and then just drifted their separate ways after High School. Each got picked by a Vampire in the years after school and embraced. After the initial time of the Childer not being let out of their Sire's sight and educated in what it means to be a Vampire, and a member of Clan [blah], they are eventually taken to Clan gatherings and shown a bit more and then after some time (anything up to 7 years depending on the clan) they are finally thought ready.

Their Sire is presenting them to the Prince of London. They are waiting with their Sires in the appropriate antechamber when one of the new childer notices another of the new childer, and realises it's an old friend from school. Then they notice another, and another until eventually they realise the entire gang is back together. The Sires exchange meaningful laden glances, and then glare at the Malkavian in the corner who's giggles going, "I told you I had a plan".

The game will use variations on the old WoD clans (all Thirteen in a single organisation) but will most likely use the new WoD rules. The characters will start at 10th Generation and can go up to 5th Generation with the Generation background. The starting characters will start with more points than normal rules (due to the more powerful blood, and the lack of hurry in their upbringing, they will be considerably more powerful than normal characters) but will still be weaklings compared to their elders.

If you're interested in any of these, let me know. As far as I remember, Pinky has already indicated interest in Banished! and Vampire: The Alliance, I think Alicia also indicated interest in Vampire: The Alliance, and I know Mark is interested in all three. Anyone else?
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