Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Three years on...

While tomorrow may be my birthday, today marks the three year anniversary of the start of my diet.

I have changed considerably in those three years, physically and mentally, though none of the mental changes would have happened without the physical changes happening first.

To show how much I have changed, I present the following two pictures:

The first photo was taken 29 July 2002 at the Kangaroo Point house. I had borrowed a camera from work and was playing around with it. The second photo was taken less than a month ago, 7 August 2007, while I was playing around with my digital camera.

The face is where I see the difference the most. I don't know how I managed to let myself get that bad without noticing it. I think what's worse is that I got worse in the two years after that, before I actually woke up to myself.

I think of everything I have done, that's what I'm the proudest of.
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