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Changes to my Roleplaying Calendar

For those who haven't heard, Unicon has had to be cancelled this year.

In previous years the convention has had the venue at Melbourne University for three days, Friday night for the set up, and then Saturday and Sunday for the actual convention. This year Melbourne University decided to charge more per day than they had charged for all three days last year. The organisers tried to find an alternate venue, however while finding a good convention venue is hard enough, finding one at short notice is next to impossible, so as a result they have no where to hold the convention.


They are definitely wanting to continue the convention next year, so the search for a new venue for next year has already begun, which is good.

My game for Unicon, Lockdown, is almost finished and was going to be finished this weekend, but with the cancellation I didn't bother. However it will be finished shortly, so it means I will have a spare game I'm able to run sitting ready. Currently considering running it in a private session at Fi and Adams place one weekend, though not the Unicon weekend as both Fi and Adam have a wedding to deal with that weekend. Anyone interested in playing, please let me know.

I was talking with arienmir on Sunday and she indicated that it looks like Arcanacon may have had too many Freeforms submitted, and if so all of the people who submitted multiple freeforms will be required to choose one freeform only, however they are still a bit low on table top roleplaying games.

As a result, this morning I removed on of the games I had submitted (A Darkened World) leaving only one freeform (Unions and Intersections) and added a new Shadowrun table top game instead :

Back in the Biz...

In the early 50's NightKat and BigDog were well know and well respected names in the Seattle scene.

NightKat was a master sneak thief. She could get anything from any where, leaving no one the wiser as to where it went. BigDog was muscle and steel, as good with the fist and sword as he was with the pistol and machine gun. Together they made an unstoppable team.

In '54, they disappeared. Officially they died while making an attempt on a Shiawase bio-tech research facility, but no one believed it. Rumours spread like cut-price NERPS on the streets, but no one had any answers.

The year is 2070. Two weeks ago both NightKat and BigDog reappeared on the streets, on the run. Word is, they're back in the biz...

Now this leaves me with a question for the people in the audience who do table top games at cons. How much should I put in the game? I don't know how to judge what is enough for a two and a half to three hour session, so advice from the floor will be greatly appreciated.

Also, is there anyone who would like to be an additional GM for this game, if needed? A 13 session con, and I'm running a freeform as well, so that's probably two sessions I'll be elsewhere at least. 11 session of a five or six player game should be enough, but you never know...
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