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Had a nice, quiet weekend, something I've been looking forward to for a while.

Went to the gym, did a lot of washing, and went in to town to do a bit of shopping. Went to Mind Games and bought Hey, That's My Fish, went to Lush to buy more soap (good timing as I had less than a sliver of my last bit left) and bought a new phone and changed phone providers.

Going to Three was a bad idea. Their coverage wasn't as good as I would have liked, and their service sucked (look here for details as to why I think that). The phone I originally got with them (Sony Ericsson Z800i) didn't work, and the replacement phone I borrowed off paradigmshifty (Motorola Razr) had it's own issues. The three Nokia's I had before that all worked wonderfully, so I decided to change phone networks and go back to a Nokia.

After looking around, it ended up being a choice between Optus and Vodafone. After discussing it with the guys here at work and looking at the web sites for both companies, I ended up going with Vodafone.

Went in yesterday and got it all sorted out, including porting my number from Three to Vodafone. My old phone finally decided to stop working about an hour ago, and my new Nokia E65 is all ready and able. Except for one thing: all my phone numbers are on my old phone and I am not manually transferring them across. Somewhere at home I have the cable to back up all the information on the old phone, except for the fact that the last time I saw it was in Brisbane, which means that it's in a box somewhere and as a result will take some time for my to find.

So, could I ask people a favour? If you are someone I usually SMS to, could you please SMS my number (with who you are) so I actually have your number on my phone? Hopefully this coming weekend I should be able to port all the numbers across, but until then I don't have any numbers on the phone without your help.

Yay! I have a shiny!
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