Random (halloranelder) wrote,

GM Recruitment drive

travisjhall and I are intending to run a game called Don't Mention the War at Conquest next year.

The game is set as a dinner party, so we are intending to actually cater for the event and make it a real dinner party. To make that side of things easier, the plan is to only run the game in a single session (most likely Saturday night session), but multiple games running at once.

That's where we need some help. To run multiple sessions, we're going to need extra GM's.

So, the plan is that once it's written, we're going to run a beta test for 12 players, and then those players become our GM's and such for actually running it. With 2 GM's per game, that means we can run 5 game (with 10 GM's), plus have two doing other stuff, and Travis and I will be overseeing all the game at once, with a maximum possible of 60 players. We doubt we'll get that many, but we're planning just in case.

So, if any of my readers are intending to be at Conquest 2008 and would like to help, please let myself or Travis know.

Pinky, Nick, Stephen, Hil and Chris have already volunteered, as far as I am aware.
Tags: conquest, conventions, game: don't mention the war, roleplaying

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