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An update...

I've been very remiss in my LJ updates of late, and I'm not one hundred percent sure why. I've been suffering from a very large dose of couldn't care less for no apparent reason. Things have actually been going pretty good lately, so I should be in a good mood. Hmm, anyway, a "catch-up" update.

My last major update was Christmas, so let us continue...

I went back to work on the Monday after Christmas. I don't think anyone in the office actually did any work, but we were there anyway, just in case.

Tuesday morning I got a phone call from Nicole asking if the offer for her to move in that I made some time ago was still applicable (it was) and could she move in on Saturday (she could).

Everyone finished early on New Years Eve (Tuesday), and I ended up going to Stephen's place (paradigmshifty) at Bellbowrie for a couple hours, and then over to a party hosted by Kevin at his mothers place at Westlake. The party at Kevin's was a quite one, with only about a dozen people, mostly the poker people. We cheered the new year in (at approximately midnight, we're not too accurate) and made use of the pool.

I of course forgot to bring my swimmers, as per usual. We did have fun laughing at Kevin though. Every time he got out of the pool he did a "shimmy", the type of shake that a dog would do when getting out of the pool, but only with one leg. Of course he was doing this unconsciously, and would get very self-conscious whenever we brought it too his attention. A good time was had by all.

New Years Day was a complete waste of time, which was a good thing as that is exactly what I wanted it to be.

The next day proved to be something of a shock of a start to the new year.

I got a phone call from Wayne asking if it was all right if he came over to grab a few loads of his stuff that day, and to grab everything else the next day.

Wow! I was kinda speechless. Wayne actually got off his ass and did something. I immediately thought Nicole had a chat with him and finally motivated him, but I later found out she had nothing to do with it. It seems that Wayne was under the misunderstanding that there was no urgency for him to get his stuff, and I had no problem with him leaving his crap all about my house.

Ben (one of the guys in the share house from hell that Wayne had moved in to) told Simon (one of Nicole's best friends and a really good friend of mine) this New Years Eve at the club. Simon corrected Ben on this misunderstanding, and Ben then informed Wayne of this. Somehow (and I have no idea how) Wayne actually understood, so got motivated.

Now, I don't believe that Wayne could have been that stupid to have not understood I wanted his crap out. I'm of the opinion that he was ignoring the issue until he had someone else bring it up and he had to act. Selfish wanker.

Anyway, I get home Thursday evening and Wayne's there getting stuff out, with Luke and Ben's younger brother. (As an aside, how can a complete gumby like Ben, have such a cute younger brother?)

Wayne was moving his electricals (TV, etc) so needed the front door opened completely. Usually we only open the one side of the front door, and the other is kept bolted shut. So I undo the top and bottom bolts, open the door, and the bottom half falls off!

It seems termites had eaten up through the door post on that side to about half way. The only reason the door had stayed was that there was no movement to pull it off.

This left two problems. The first being TERMITES!, and the second being that with part of the front door missing the house couldn't be secured. A quick phone call to the real estate agent fixed both. They sent around their handyman straight away, and he secured that part of the front door with a large number of self-tapping screws.

The pest controller rang the next morning, and made an appointment Saturday morning. I went to work, and finished early again, because the carpet cleaner was coming over at four. I definitely wanted the carpet in Wayne's old room cleaned before Nicole moved in, so I decided to do most of the rest of the house while I was at it.

Wayne was there with Gary, removing the rest of his stuff. He'd even gone to the effort of hiring a truck. By the time he left there were only three things of his still in the house. Two pieces of artwork and some glass from a tabletop that he didn't want to transport in the truck.

The carpet cleaner did Wayne's old room, the living room (counts as two rooms), the dining room and my room, plus the little bit of carpet in the bathroom for free.

The Pest Controller turned up 9 am Saturday, gave the Termites a nice dose of arsenic, and checked around for any further activity. He then made an appointment two weeks later to see if there was any new activity then.

Nicole arrived about 11:30. Simon arrived a little bit later. Nicole's Dad (and the truck that had all of Nicole's stuff) arrived a bit after that. Ken arrived a great deal later, and Nicole gave him a piece of her mind for turning up late and not letting her know before hand.

By 7pm Nicole was completely moved in, and looked like she'd lived there for a couple of years. Some people only look like they're living somewhere temporarily, some people look like they're nesting, and some people, like Nicole, make it look like the place was designed for them, and they've been there forever.

Went to Daniel and Tanya's that night for Tanya's birthday party.

The rest I'll do in point form:
  • Monday 6th I bought myself a new hard drive (120G Western Digital), removed one of the existing hard drives (20G), left the other (60G) and reorganized everything. I'm putting stuff back on slowly, to see if I can find out the culprit to my previous computer problems.
  • I've stopped going to the Physio, and started going to a Chiropractor. Dr David Leach (unfortunate name) at the New Farm Chiropractic Clinic is a wonderful man. X-rays of the spine are meant to show that your spine is straight when looking from the front. Mine's not. My right hip is twisted inwards and forwards, I have a twisted vertebra at just below my shoulder blades, and another one in my neck. I've had five visits and I already feel so much better.
  • I've finally gotten pissed off at the Commonwealth bank enough to change. As of this month (almost) all my banking will be with Suncorp instead. Unfortunately I have to keep the Commonwealth account open until my car loan is completely paid off (another three or four months) because the Commonwealth won't accept loan payments from any other bank. Not happy Jan! However, I should be able to drop my bank fee's and charges once I completely drop the Commonwealth. There's a large amount of paper required to change banks though. Changing all the automatic deductions, etc.
  • I bought some more furniture! Three more bookcases, a new chair for my room and a gazebo for where I park the car. I've since returned the gazebo because it didn't work, plus it was broken, but I'll probably end up getting more of the chairs for the dining room. They're in a nice blue material with oak legs.
  • Having Nicole in the house is providing me with a lot of motivation, and since she's moved in I've done a hell of a lot of reorganization. It's great!
  • The weekend just gone (being the Australia Day long weekend) Was spent very strangely. Friday night to early Sunday morning (about 2:30 am) was spent at Tom's place with my computer for a LAN party. In total there were 20 people (and 20 computers) there, and a lot of fun was had. I'm hopeless at most of the games, but I enjoyed them anyway. I spent a large part of Sunday gardening, and that surprised the hell out of me. Pulling out weeds, raking up leaves, and using them as mulch, pruning, etc. Doesn't sound like much, but I did it all without the slightest problem in my back. Sunday night Nicole and I had Simon over for dinner, for just a friendly chat. Simon's come over a few times for these chat's and we've all enjoyed them.
  • Nicole and I went and saw Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in gold class on Monday night. It was worth the wait. That's one movie I definitely want to see again. I enjoyed movie one a great deal, but this one was better. Plus the Gimli jokes were great! "I cannot jump the distance so you have to toss me. Ehh.. Don�t tell the elf."
  • I've stopped taking the anti-inflammatories. It's wasn't a deliberate decision, it's just that I forgot a few days in a row, so I'm not taking them. I'm feeling very sore in the upper back, but I'm still a hell of a lot better than I was before I started taking them.

That's basically things (mostly) up to date. Maybe I'll be able to keep up now.

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  • Hippo Bath Tray 2 Me! Sort of...

    I'm having a birthday party. Sort of. I was born with a name I didn't like. There wasn't really anything wrong with it, it was just it was…

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