Random (halloranelder) wrote,

My ears won't speak to me...

But it was worth it!

Just came back from the Linkin Park concert with Fergie.

Chris Cornell was the support act. He was good.

Linkin Park were fantastic. They did all the songs I wanted to hear, including an "acoustic" version of "Pushing Me Away".

I even got involved in the moshing. Go me! Standing up for that long is usually hell on my back, but I think I got it this time. Holding my abs in every time I thought of them meant that they were doing most the support and not my dodgy back, so I've come out of it reasonably well. The back of my heels however, weren't so lucky. They blistered. Owie!


I took some photos with the camera and put them up here. Sorry about the lousy quality, but what do you expect with a camera phone?
Tags: concert, linkin park

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