Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Busy times ahead

Virgin Blue have a sale on at the moment, so I just booked my flights for some of next years travel.

I've got a fair bit on my plate coming up.

Christmas will be spent in Maroochydore with the folks. I'll be flying up on Saturday the 22nd of December, and flying back on Boxing Day, the 26th of December, meaning I get a 5 day long weekend with them and only have to take one day off.

Arcanacon is Friday the 25th of January till Monday the 28th, and even though I don't have to worry about travelling for it (hoo-fucking-ray!) I'll still be taking the Friday off (since it's not a public holiday) and probably the day afterwards off as well, maybe more depending on whether I have visitors.

February gets messy. Two friends of mine are having a combined birthday party on the Gold Coast. The party starts on the 20th of February and ends on the 2nd of March, plus one of them has a wedding in the middle of that as well! In addition, the Mardi Gras Parade is Saturday the 1st of March. As a result I'm flying to the Gold Coast on Wednesday the 20th of February, flying from the Gold Coast to Sydney on Friday the 29th of February, and then flying home on Monday the 3rd of March. I'm really looking forward to it. I think this will count as my first holiday where I don't have to do anything at. No conventions, and no family to worry about, so it looks like it's going to be my first real holiday. I'm seeing if I can persuade towkarn to join me for Mardi Gras.

Easter is early next year, March 21 to 24, and that means Conquest. Again while there's no travelling this time (squee!) I'll probably take a day or two off afterwards.

Then there's nothing for a while until Pheno in June.
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