Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Four Sleeps and Counting...

My impending visit to Canberra this weekend has gotten all my body image issues well and truly in the front of my mind.

All those common phrases are going through my mind. I'm sure you all know the ones, "I'm fat", "I'm ugly", "He's not going to like me", "He's going to be disgusted by me", etc, etc, etc. It doesn't help in the fact that I know I actually have put on weight since I last saw him. August and September seemed to be party central for me so I ate more than I normally would, and then the last 6 weeks or so I haven't been exercising as much as I normally do due to a combination of allergies, a cold and my back playing up worse than normal.


I know I don't have a hope in hell of trimming up before Friday (though that doesn't mean that I'm not going to try anyway), so I've set my goal to be mid-February instead. Two of my friends have their birthdays within a week of each other (February 21 and 28), and since next year they both turn 30, they have decided to have a week and a half long party on the Gold Coast. The weekend after that is Mardi Gras in Sydney. As a result I want to be looking my best for the week and a half on the beach and the weekend of the parade.

I think I can do it to, as I think I've managed to wrap my brain around things properly this time.

Anyway, for this weekend, flights are booked, hotel is booked and rental car is booked. I don't think I'll be spending the entire weekend in the hotel room (we need to pop out to eat at the very least), so are any of the Canberran people wanting to catch up over the weekend?
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