Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Almost there...

Well, the Arcanacon timetable seems to be mostly sorted out, even though the website isn't live yet EDIT: and the events are live on the website.

As a result you can log into AON and sign up for games, assuming you know what the games actually are. :)

Currently I'm doing the Freeform Unions and Intersections in Session A (Friday 1:00pm) and Session F (Saturday 8:00pm), and the table top Back in the Biz... every other session.

I already have one player signed up for both games (Thanks Duncan :) )

I might need another GM for Back in the Biz..., as I've marked down I can theoretically do two games at once for it (except for the sessions that I'm running Unions and Intersections, where I'm listed as being able to do one). The plan is to do a test run of the game with my backup GM and some others (probably other GM's as they probably won't get a chance to play at the con) some time before the convention, most likely in early to mid January.

So, anyone want to volunteer to be my second GM for that game? Must love Shadowrun (4th Edition) and be able to cope with my brain. :)
Tags: arcanacon, conventions, game: back in the biz..., game: unions and intersections, gaming, roleplaying, shadowrun

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