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More things I vaguely remember...

Two weeks ago we went and saw Star Trek Nemesis.

It was a Sunday morning, and after two wake up calls ten minutes apart (one from Scott and one from Stephen (paradigmshifty) when I was already awake, Scott parks his car at my place and I drive us both over to the movie cinema's at South Bank. We meet Stephen and Kolya there, and go in.

Us four are the only people in the cinema. As a result, instead of keeping all the silly comments to ourselves, we say them. I won't say too much about it as there are probably people who haven't seen it yet (Mari?), however the term "Incoming Data Transfer" is appropriate.

Overall I think that Nemesis gets the thumbs up. The ending, while unexpected, is fitting.

After that overdose of silliness, we wander into South Bank for Lunch, and then a rendezvous with Tony (Kolya's ex) for a transfer of children. Tony was late, as per usual, so running a little bit behind schedule and with two additional children (Connare is 6 and Sasha is 11 I think. Stephen will correct me if I'm wrong), we make our way to the Queensland Museum to meet with Mari (paxford).

The seven of us (Me, Scott, Stephen, Kolya, Connare, Sasha and Mari) then proceed to wander around the museum for the next three hours alternating between wise, curious and silly.

A good time again was had by all. Though I did end up with sore feet.

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