Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Good one Micro$oft

My new computer at home is almost fully set up, with just a few things left to transfer over from the old machine. Once that's done, I've got a spare machine.

So, I thought I'd give Windows Home Server a go on it. We have access to most Microshaft software at work (since we're a Microsoft Partner) but we don't have Home Server since it's a home server, and we're a business.

A quick search of the net shows that I can grab a free evaluation copy from Microslot. Well, sort of. The software is free, but it will cost me $22 (including GST) for postage and handling. WTF? Also, you can't buy a retail copy of it. It's only available if bought with hardware. Officially it's only available to System Builders (ie only available if included with a complete computer) but a lot of retailers are selling with a single piece of hardware (including a single cheap ass mouse).

Still, it's a bit much if you ask me.

I'd still like to give it a try, but there is no way I want to pay Microstupid $22 for a "free" evaluation copy of software. Does anyone have a copy of the evaluation version of Windows Home Server?
Tags: computers, geekery

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