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Still writing the characters for Unions and Intersections, and should have them all finished by the end of this weekend.

I've done 14 out of 24 so far (almost 60%) and just added up the word count.

Total of those 14 documents was 31064 words. Getting rid of the ignorable bits (each character sheet has a small "Personal Details" bit at the end that lists some of their key details in bullet point form) is still over 30,000 words. If I extrapolate that word count to the whole thing, that should put be just over 50,000 words at the end.

How much is NaNoWriMo supposed to be? 50,000 words for a short novel? Eek! I scare myself at times, because I don't consider writing a game like this to be major writing. I'm just putting together a game.

I am busy until the end of March with Arcanancon and Conquest, and don't need to write anything new after that until Unicon. So, at the moment I'm thinking of actually sitting down and trying to write an actual novel starting in April. I don't have any problems finding the time to write this, so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to do it for other things.

Admittedly, this sort of writing is easier than writing a novel because I'm writing from multiple viewpoints of the same event in a lot of cases.

Still, something to consider...
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