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And the good guys won...

And now my weekend in review...

Saturday I joined QUGS. QUGS is the Queensland University Gaming Society, the roleplaying clubs of the University of Queensland. Not being a University student, and never having gone to uni at UQ, I joined mainly because Travis was running The Trial of Lucifer, a freeform he wrote some time ago, and has run three times before (once here in Brisbane at the BIG Weekend, and twice in Melbourne at Conquest) that I have never actually played.

When Travis told me he was running it for them, I told him I was interested and so I attended a "meeting" and joined up.

And then the fun began...

I enjoyed myself, and I think that everyone else did as well. Being a "typical" Travis game nothing was as it seemed, and there were a lot of plot twists and oddities. I had the pleasure of playing Lucifer himself, and more importantly, was declared inocent of all charges (yay!).

There were a lot of newbie's as far as freeforms are concerned and they all seemed to enjoy themselves, plus there were also the "seasoned veterans" like Darryl (ashfallen) and David.

Though we may have scarred one poor guy for life. He said he was a Catholic (Travis's game borrowed a lot from Catholasism) and having a lot of problems dealing with the fact that he was responsible for installing Satan as King of the World and letting it all fall to evil, even just as a game. I think the next freeform we run will be something a lot lighter. Discworld, perhaps?

Saturday night Nicole, Perrin, Simon and I went to Sizzler for dinner and ate far too much (as you do).

Sunday was mainly house bound doing housework. That's about it for the weekend.

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