Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Play-testers wanted!

Things are progressing apace for my games for Arcanacon (less than two weeks away, *hint*, *hint*). Since I'm actually doing a tabletop for the first time (Back in the Biz...), I figure it's probably a good idea to play-test the game and the GM.

Now, who wants to be involved?

I figure that first option goes to people GMing at the con as they aren't going to get a chance to play. I've already told Fi that I would be happy to have her as a play-tester and I think I agreed to Mark and Hilary as well. Of course if they are involved Adam is of course welcome as well, depending on his schedule.

Anyone else? Peter and Nick perhaps? Caine? Beuhler?

It's a six player Shadowrun game, running either dice-light, or dice free (players choice). I'm thinking of doing the play-test next weekend, most likely on the Sunday, however most likely not at my place because the house it going to have people in it that are playing it at the convention. So, would Fi and Adam's place be available?

Let me know. I really want this play-tested at least once before the con. Maybe more.
Tags: game: back in the biz..., gaming, roleplaying, shadowrun

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