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Chair Heaven!

One of the guys at work has been thinking of getting new chairs for the office because the ones we have are fairly crappy. He wants a really good quality chair and the chair of preference is an Aeron Chair from Herman Miller.

These chairs are not cheap, the base cost for them in Australia is about $1400 each, but for that you get a superb quality chair with a 12 year warranty, so you are guaranteed at least 12 years worth of use of of them. That equates to less than $120 a year, which is actually good value.

There's 8 of us here, plus they will want another 4 or so upstairs, so that's an even dozen chairs. That's a hell of a lot of money to put into office furniture, so we wanted to check out the chairs before making the commitment. As a result we got a single Size C chair delivered for a week long evaluation to check them out, and we should be getting a Size B chair delivered tomorrow or Thursday as well.

There are three sizes of chair, A, B and C, with the C being the largest. The smaller sizes aren't quite as deep or wide as the C, so you can pick whatever is appropriate for you.

I'm in love. Since I was the one who organised the trial, I get to test it out first, and once I tweaked a few settings on the chair (there are 5 points of adjustment, not including the arm-rests) I'm finding it the most comfortable and best designed chair I have ever sat in. If we end up getting a dozen or so (and it's looking more and more likely that we will) then we will most likely get a reasonable discount on them, dropping them down to between $1000 and $1100 each. As a result I am seriously considering getting one myself for home as this is in the long run going to save me a hell of a lot of money in Chiropractor visits alone.

It's forcing me to sit upright without having to think about it, and I've discovered that my monitors are too low as a result.
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