Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Counting down...

Arcanacon is just over a week away now.

Of course, this means that I'm starting to panic. This is normal, and not something to worried about. The big game is done, and the other game will be done. The biggest problem I have is that Back in the Biz... is my first real tabletop game for a convention. I've done Toon and Paranoia before, but they require next to no work and are mostly made up on the fly.

This one being a "proper" tabletop I'm still working out what I need to have done before hand. It will all be ready by the convention, but I'm going to be very much worried will it be enough, until at least after the playtest this weekend.

Anyway, currently I'm scheduled to be GMing every session so I'm not down to play anything yet. My current schedule is as follows:

Session A: Unions and Intersections (15 players registered out of 24)
Session B: Back in the Biz... (2 players registered, but hopefully I can move them to a different session so I can help Travis run The Splinters of Amber instead)

Session C: Back in the Biz... (3 players, including weaselfetish)
Session D: Back in the Biz... (1 player, merinnan. I think we need to either find more players for that session or you'll have to move)
Session E: Back in the Biz... (0 players, so I might get a chance to play)
Session F: Unions and Intersections (8 players out of 24)

Session G: Back in the Biz... (6 players, a full team. This is the other session that Travis is running his game, so I've got the rest of the players in his team plus a ring in)
Session H: Back in the Biz... (3 players, a team of 2 including derigueur, plus a ring in. I know who the ring in is, so I know they will all like playing together)
Session I: Back in the Biz... (1 player)
Session J: Back in the Biz... (0 players, so I might get to play again)

Monday (Public Holiday)
Session K: Back in the Biz...(5 players, a team of 2 and 3 individuals including Unkle Dunkel and psuedonym777)
Session L: Back in the Biz... (1 player)
Session M: Back in the Biz... (1 player)

So, Back in the Biz... has 23 players signed up, but only 2 sessions with the minimum 5 in there. I should pick up more at the convention itself, so it should run a few times at least.

Now, back to panicking!
Tags: arcanacon, conventions, roleplaying

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