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Get Lost!

Warning, this post uses the "C" word. :)

As some of you will be aware, I am a member of the Camarilla (see, I told you I used the "C" word). For those who don't know, the Camarilla is White Wolf's official fan club and is the organisation that runs "sanctioned" Live Action Roleplaying games (LARP) all over the world.

I used to be a Camarilla member back in Brisbane, around the year 2000 or so, but left due to dickheads.

Melbourne has a much lower dickhead quotient, so I rejoined again though not to be a player. Up till recently I was just an Assistant Storyteller for merinnan running the Werewolf: The Forsaken game. When Changeling: The Lost was released I read it and decided that I wanted to run this game.

As a result I volunteered to be the Venue Storyteller (VST) for the Changeling Venue for the Melbourne Camarilla. I submitted the VSS (Venue Style Sheet - the official document that gives the basic details for the Venue. Each game has one and defines mood, theme, etc) in October, but due to the universe not liking the Domain Storyteller (the guy who looks after the storyteller side of things for the entirety of Melbourne) it got delayed. Theoretically it should be approved today or tomorrow, and as a result the first Changeling game for the Melbourne Camarilla will be help tomorrow night.

So, if you are interested in Live Action and are interested in Changeling: The Lost, you might be interested in coming along.

It will be held from 7pm till 11pm at the Fawkner Gardens in Melbourne, just off St Kilda Road. People might want to look at all the information I've put together for the Changeling Venue in Melbourne if they have any interest.

Due to the fact I am currently installing software on my work machine, I don't want to open a web browser until it's finished, otherwise I would include the in character invite and other important information. I'll edit this once I get a chance to look at that stuff again.

Things are bit rushed, but I think it will all work out well. So, come along and get Lost with me! :)

Edit: The actual write up on the Melbourne Camarilla site is here.
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