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Woke up Monday morning in a very bad way. My left shoulder and neck had just about seized up, and I had an excruciating head-ache, but only in the left half of my head. I also had spasms of pain all over the place.

I did not end up going to work, and instead rang the Chiropractor and made an appointment an hour later. A quick checkup indicated that one of the vertebrae in my upper back had twisted again, so a quick adjustment should fix it.

He tried twice while I was sitting up, and it didn't move. I then move to the couch where he adjusts my hip again while I was there, and then on to the other couch for another attempt at that vertebrae. The first attempt didn't work, neither did the second, but the third finally got it.

Next stop was home and an ice pack, resulting in me feeling so much better today.

We also had Simon over for tea last night, and we all had burritos' (and a mess).


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