Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Ah Feck!

I stuffed up.

In an effort to save paper I printed all the character sheets for Back in the Biz... double sided. The printers I went through charge extra if you have many files to print, so I combined all of those character sheets into a single pdf document. Since it was all being printed the same way, I figured that made sense.

However, I forgot to take into account the fact that it was double sided, and add in extra blank pages to make sure each original "document" starts on a new double page and doesn't start on the back page of the previous document. I just went through and realised I fucked it up, and have to throw out about half of it.

Two of the documents are an even number of pages, and start and end correctly. Two of them are an odd number of pages, and start on the correct pages, but have the first page of the next document on the back of its last page so the last page needs to be reprinted. The last two documents are screwed up as a result because they start on the wrong page and will have to be completely reprinted.

Tags: arcanacon, printing

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