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For once, I am actually organizing things for my Easter Holidays ahead of time. Usually everything is last minute, unless someone else prompts me, but not this time.

Last week I booked my flights. Stephen (paradigmshifty) and I fly down together on Wednesday the 16th of April. Easter is the 18th to the 21st, which is Conquest, the roleplaying convention I'm going down for. Stephen flies back on Tuesday the 22nd, but I'm staying for an extra week and don't fly back until the 29th.

That way I've got a week or so on my own to have an actual holiday.

So far the only thing I am going to make sure I do is visit the Melbourne Zoo, as it's a really good day there, and they have both otters and meerkats! Apart from that, nothing is planned.

Scott may be coming down for part of the two weeks, but that depends on his finances, and he won't know that until much closer to the date.

My accommodation is booked at The Richmond Hill Hotel. I've stayed there before, and liked the place. Tomorrow I'm going to be sending the deposit to confirm everything.

The only other thing to do before hand is register for Conquest. I have the paperwork, and am currently making my choices.

If anyone is going to be in Melbourne over Easter and wants to roleplay, I recommend Conquest. It's a lot of fun. This will be my fourth year in a row. I'm running This Party Proudly Sponsored by Unstable Roberts Crazy World of Discount Spells, and Stephen is running Muppets Family Xmess.

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