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Amber information

I've got a lot of research ahead of me to find out all sorts of information I need for the Amber game at Conquest. It's all necessary research, and I feel that it would be a waste just to research it all for a game, and then leave it all afterwards.

As a result, I've set up a Wiki for it on one of my domains, so that as I find out all the things that I want to know (for example, Julian's hair colour is mentioned as black later in Nine Princes in Amber, even though it's only mentioned as "dark" in the trump description) I can put them in a place that's findable later, and that others might be able to use.

So, for your edification and enjoyment, I present the AmberWiki. Currently there's very little there (I think I've done two articles so far, and one of them was almost completely copied from Wikipedia) but as I go I'll be adding more to it as I do the research.
Tags: amber, geekery, roleplaying

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