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Got a hair cut on Saturday morning.

aphephobia recommended Madame Gothic Glamour (warning: MySpace page) in Thornbury for a hair cut. Since I had a car this weekend (I'm looking after Cthulu for paradigmshifty at the moment) I decided to give it a try.

I'm glad I did.

First thing, it's a Goth Hairdressers. What isn't there to love about that? Image your stereotypical hairdressers, but with all the tacky goth skull/vampire/bats/death/etc decorations you expect in a teenage goth's bedroom. When I was there, there were three staff, two hairdressers and an apprentice. All three were dressed in black, with stompy boots and visible tattoos. The apprentice (young guy, name of either Glen or Len, I'm not sure which) had long painted nails and a number of facial piercings. All three were very cool.

I got seated by (G)Len, and then the lady who looked after me (Liv) came over and we had a chat about what I wanted. When I said I needed her to find where I hid my mowhawk, her face lit up. I like hairdressers who get enthusiastic. She used hair clips to hold the hair in place while we worked out the size of the mowhawk, and then shaved off the sides, and a slight trim of the top to even it up a little bit.

Then a wash and a shampoo to clean it up, a quick blow dry and then copious amounts of hair spray to get it to stand up.

For $30 I consider it money well spent, and I definitely recommend them. Had a bit of a problem afterwards getting back into Cthulu, and I ended up having to rearrange the seat so I fit properly.

However, the important part is I haz Mohawk again, and I'm happy.

The guy at work seem to like it, though we'll see how long it lasts after I get back from holidays. :)
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