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Gold Coast - Day 1

Yesterday was my first day of holidays. I just about missed the flight too.

I had set my alarm for 9:00am, wanting to be ringing a taxi to the airport at about 11:00am for a 12:25 flight (I'm a bit paranoid).

So, I roll over in bed and look at the clock, and see that it says 10:30am. Fuck! I had set the alarm but forgot to turn it on. Argh!

So, rushed around finishing everything off and ended up ringing the taxi at 11:30, it arrived at 11:40 and I got to the airport at 11:55. Luckily I had already done Web Check-In the night before, so I just had to get to the bag drop off and I was fine. Ended up having to pay for extra baggage (Gold Coast then Sydney for Mardi Gras meant I was bringing a bit more than I normally would), but only $20 so not too bad.

Flight was delayed a bit due to bad weather in Melbourne (the maximum for Tuesday was 35C, a nice, fine sunny day. When I got in the taxi it was 17C and raining. WTF?) so we ended up landing on the Gold Coast about 15 behind schedule. My lift from the airport was also running late, because Byron was running from one end of the Gold Coast to the other picking people up and sorting things out for the party, the wedding and the rest.

So five people in Byron's car, four of which had luggage with them, made for a cosy car ride. I got dropped off at the apartments I'm staying at and they continued on.

I whole-heartedly recommend the Mantra Phoenician Resort on the Gold Coast. I've got a one bedroom apartment on the 7th floor, and it's really nice. I'd prefer to be sharing it with a cute boy, but you can't win them all.

So, I went shopping for some grocery necessities, and then got changed and ready for the nights activities.

The Australian Outback Spectacular is incredibly tacky, but reasonably good value. You get a three course meal, with wine, beer and soft drinks, a hat and the show. Lots of people of horses doing "outback" types of things, some singing and some really bad comedy. Perfect for anyone with relatives or friends visiting from overseas.

After that it was back to the Party house for relaxing. Will and Byron have rented a gorgeous 4 bedroom house for the next 10 days or so. It's about a 15 minute walk from my hotel, so not that far away, not that I'd want to be doing that walk in the day time. It's been hot and humid so far.

I walked back to the hotel afterwards, and slept. Woke up this morning and just pottered around, until I got a call from Byron who picked me up and we headed back to the Party house. A bit of booze shopping (I think it was about $550 on alcohol, and that will probably only last till Wednesday or so) and then a bit of normal shopping, and the house is currently getting ready for tonight's BBQ. I got dropped back off at the hotel when Byron and Jenny had to wander off to grab some stuff from someone else who was travelling down from Brisbane so I could grab my swimmers and a towel, and now I'm waiting for them to come back this way and pick me up again.

Been fun so far, and it looks like it's going to continue that way.
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