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I did end up going to Faith on Friday night, however I ended up running away rather early, and for reasons other than smoke for once. A lot of the time when I go to nightclubs, etc, the smoke (and the fact that I'm allergic to it) causes me to run away so I don't die. However, the venue (Alarm nightclub, downstairs from The Virginian) seems to be sufficiently well ventilated that it didn't seem to be a problem.

This time however...

Firstly, a bit of background.

On Thursday morning I woke up feeling really sick. Somewhere along the line I had managed to pick up a bug of some sort, and it was really playing havoc with my lower intestinal tract. Notice I said lower intestinal tract.

As a result I spent approximately half of the five hours between 7:30am and 12:30pm on Thursday in the bathroom feeling miserable.

I felt better eventually, and got to work a fair bit late.

As usual, when I'm feeling ill, my backs tends to go out, simply because the fact of being ill puts pressure on the wrong parts of my body. So I made a Chiropractor appointment for last thing on Friday after work, and felt much better afterwards.

Now, my going to Faith was reliant on one thing. A lot of the time I get a really back headache after a Chiropractic visit, because the adjustments tend to release a lot of toxins that have been building up in the misalignment areas. As a result, if I did get one of those headaches, I wasn't going to Faith.

However, since the adjustment was only to fix a day's worth of misalignment I didn't get one this time, so it's off to Faith I went.

The four of us got ready (after a quick visit from Scot on his way home from work) and were a masterpiece in black. I was the only person wearing any colour, as the shirt I was wearing has blue velvet around the yoke and down the sleeves. Everything else on all of us was black, silver or skin, and included three capes and a long coat!

I wouldn't stereotype us as Goths, but some people would.

(As a small aside, I am not a Goth, I just like dressing in a style appropriate to the venue. Since that's how Nicole, Perrin and Simon dressed, that's how I dressed. Some of my other outfits are very, non-Goth!)

We manage to fit all four of us in my car (and that's a fun task, let me tell you!) find a park in the Valley and walk to Faith (with a large number of eyes on us, especially Nicole).

We arrive somewhere between 11:00 and 11:30pm, pay the cover charge ($7) and go in. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people I actually knew.

I saw Amaya (illdrinn), Darian (dvoid), Pam (aeon16 who was completely smashed!), Kai and Simon Feney. Cool!

From what I've been told, Faith usually has two DJ's that alternate. One plays heavy stuff (Ramstien, Rob Zombie, NIN, etc) and the other plays 80's Goth music (if you don't understand the term, I am not going to explain. I'm not even sure I understand the term). I've been told the names of the two DJ's, and which does what, but I can't remember that at the moment.

When we got the there heavy DJ was playing, and he was playing loud! Very loud. So loud that it wasn't "That sounds loud", but was instead "That feels loud".

We get there, take a seat and then Nicole, Perrin and Simon go off to have epileptic fits on the dance floor (or at least that's what it looked like from my perspective). I decided not too dance because I didn't think it was a good idea to after a Chiropractic visit that afternoon. I did however enjoy watching the dancing, and the various people around the place.

There was one guy there, very stylish, in a tight coat and a top hat (all black of course) whom I was told is called Jimmy. Now I mention Jimmy for one reason. At one point one of his friends stole his top hat, and Jimmy and another friend were chasing him around the club trying to get it back (as you do). What was memorable about this was Jimmy's style of chasing.

I'm sure you've all seen the Irish dancers in show's like Riverdance, where the upper half of the body, including the arms, do not move, and stays perfectly upright while the lower half of the body tries to be in every position at once.

That was how Jimmy was moving, including a backwards u-turn around the pool table. Quite amusing.

Remember how I indicated the music was a little but loud. We'd been there for about 45 minutes to an hour when I started having problems. Imagine music so loud (and with a solid enough bass) that you feel it. Imagine those vibrations going through you. Imagine those vibrations, and the effect they would have on an upset stomach. Now image that effect in the lower intestinal tract...

After two long toilet trips in quick succession I had to bail. If I was going to be spending the entire night in the bathroom, I'd rather do it at home than in a night club because it's more comfortable, and I have a choice in music.

After letting Nicole and Perrin know what's going on (and not getting a chance to say hello to Gosia (not Gosha as I originally spelt it) who had turned up) I bailed. This was probably about 12:30. Total time in the club: less than an hour and a half.

I was hoping that once I got out of the club things would settle down, but unfortunately no. Home by 1:00am, feeling better by 3:30pm (and yes, that was half past three Saturday AFTERNOON!).

Ugh! What a nightmare!

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