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I pulled in the pile of junk mail in the mail box last night and it included a copy of one of the local weekly newspapers, this time being the Moreland Leader.

Usually I throw them straight into the recycle bin, but for some reason I decided to have a look through them this time. So I sat down at the dining room table and started reading the paper. Mostly very little of interest, just local stuff.

And then I got to page 10/11...

Page 10 was a full page ad, and page 11 had two stories on it taking the top half of the page with the bottom half also being ads. I looked at the main article and the headline didn't make any sense. I assumed it was a joke based on the article, so I read the article to find out.

Nope, it wasn't a joke based on the article.

The headline in question was "Headline In Here".

I'm thinking to myself, "They couldn't have, could they?"

I looked at the other article. It's headline was "Headline In Here Thanks Ta".

Yep, they did. Oh dear...

Now, to make it worse, I work in a company that has about half it's business newspaper related, so we know a lot of newspaper people. I brought it to the attention of the people working here, and they immediately went off and found a copy of the paper (I forgot to bring my copy in) and checked it out.

Yep, they sure did.

This started lots of laughs that they had to share with the rest of the people working here, and then they rang the people responsible for the paper to laugh at them personally, and so on.

Oops! :)
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