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I Love Working Here!

The bosses are taking a client to lunch tomorrow, however one of the people going is only able to afford a limited amount of time for lunch, so they were looking for a restaurant in the city close to where he's going to be, so around the intersection of Lonsdale and Swanston Streets in the city.

The location is near China Town, so they decided something Asian would be good. The job was palmed off to Adam, the non-technical guy here and he ended up finding what looked like a nice Japanese restaurant called Shamiana on Lonsdale Street. He went to the website and had a look and things looked ok, so he rang and booked a table for 5 people tomorrow at noon.

Rob, the official boss, had a look himself at the website afterwards, to see what they had there. He had a slightly more in-depth look at the website than Adam did, and discovered that they were a little bit more than a restaurant. They were, in fact, Melbourne's premium lingerie restaurant! In other words, a strip joint.

The reaction to discovering this is
a) Laughter,
b) Filing the information for further use, and
c) Cancelling the booking and finding a new place for lunch.

I ended up recommending Yuriya as it's someplace that I have eaten before (thank you nicked_metal for that) that does very good food and I know it's not a strip joint.

I think what I love most about this place is summed up by the reaction to Rob discovering the truth about the first place. No recriminations ("You booked us into a strip club!? Rar rar rar!!!!), no embarrassment, just a lot of laughing, a quick fix of the problem and the filing away of the information for later as they are sure it's going to be important.

I work with geeks, they know they are geeks, they like being geeks and make no claim to be anything other than geeks.

I love this place.
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