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Real Sex, Handcuffs and a fry-up!

This weekend had some of the oddest sights in a while.

Neither Nicole or I were feeling that good on Saturday so nothing much happened then. My only things of note (once I was feeling better) was watching part of the Star Trek: The Next Generation series 5 marathon on TV1, and then watching Real Sex.

Real Sex is an interesting show, currently on The Comedy Channel at midnight on Saturday's. It's a one hour show that contains four or five little documentaries on sex. The first one this time was on a woman who does "sex seminars" for other woman who want to know how to handle a penis.

She provides instructions on hand-jobs and blow jobs.

There were two very strange sights in this one. The first was the woman unloading the dish washer where the only things in the dish washer was about two dozen dildo's of all shapes, sizes and colours.

The second was at the home where she was doing the seminar, where there were half a dozen women sitting around a table, with a plate in front of each woman, as if at a dinner party. Each plate was one of those good quality white plates, with the flowers in the border and the scalloped edges. Of course, the only thing on each plate was a dildo, with the suction cup on the end keeping it pointing up high!

The next day, Simon comes over again, and we decide to do a major fry-up for dinner. so after cooking some eggs, mushrooms, chips, and about a kilo of bacon, we all sit down for a nice meal.

Except for one thing.

While I was cooking, Perrin and Nicole had gotten a bit frisky (as they do), and retreated to the bedroom, where Nicole had proceeded to tie Perrin up. When I announced that dinner was ready, Nicole decided not to let him go completely, so she wanted to handcuff his hands together. Perrin, fearing that Nicole wanted to handcuff him to the bed and not let him eat, disagreed with this.

Nicole is quick, but Perrin is stronger.

This resulted in Perrin and Nicole coming to the table handcuffed to each other. I have to admit that this is the first time that I've ever had people handcuffed at the dinner table.

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