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Current Status

...the sound of pigeons on the Champs-Elysées: 18 out of 24 characters in the "mostly complete" pile. A couple of them still need a serious prune (see xole, I'm listening) but the actual information needed is there. The rest will most definitely be done by tomorrow, giving me Thursday to do admin stuff. (Memo to self: Practice pronunciation of the French words, I don't want to make a fool of myself).

Friday Night Poker Club - Heroes Edition: 0 out of 9 characters done. Amount of work still do do? Probably two or three hours. They don't require much work.

Seikyooiddi Bugaku: Need to read all the character sheets and give any advice I see as necessary. I will probably take some time off from the Amber game tomorrow to do that.

Don't Mention the War: No idea where that stands. The playtest went well, with lots of very good advice to improve it, but Travis has been handling everything from that point on because I've been focused on my other projects. It should run well.

Cancelling The Ferryman's Fee was the right idea.

At the moment according to AON, the Amber game has 17 in the first session, 6 in the second, so it will definitely run once, hopefully twice. Poker has 15 in the first session and 8 in the second, so there's 2 games in the first session and one in the second. Don't Mention the War has 13 players, so at the moment it's one game of 12 and one player misses out. We should pick up more players, so it should most likely run twice. Travis has worked out the game needs a minimum of 9 players, because we can trim 3 character if we absolutely have to, but we'd rather not.

The Peter Strong game is 16 and 15 for the two sessions, so I think that's definitely 2 games running there.

See you all at Conquest.
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