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Help support a brilliant artist

paradigmshifty pointed me to ursulav's Live Journal some time ago, and I'm glad he did.

She's a brilliant artist, and also a brilliant writer, and her LJ is very much a fascinating read. However, being a freelance artist, her income tax is "interesting" to say the least. Despite throwing lots of money at the tax man to cover her tax bill, she's recently been hit with a rather large demand to give the US Tax Department lots of money.

So, to that end she's doing a limited edition jumbo print of The Taxman. The piece is 13 inches by 19 and will cost $25 US. I asked and she estimated postage to Australia to be about $20, so for $45 US I can get a fantastic piece of art, and help support a fantastic artist to boot. With the strength of the Australian dollar at the moment, that will be less than $60 total, and I would be paying a hell of a lot more for a generic print at a local art shop.

For more information there's the actual LJ entry, plus there's her art site, Metal and Magic. Go check it out, you know you want to.
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