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Ugh, what a week

First off, a big thank you to Mari (paxford) and Amaya (illdrinn) for helping out with the Unseen University question, and an especially big hug to Mari (paxford) for lending me her copy of The Discworld Companion which I am using a great deal as a reference for the game.

Other than that it's been a fairly ugh week. The only things of real note are the complete and utter chaos that has been happening at work over this last week.

Work are in the process of updating the office, most importantly re-carpeting and re-painting. As a result they did two thirds of the office the weekend just gone, and are doing the other third this weekend.

Also the IT department did the Friday barbecue last week. This meant that almost no work got done on Friday.

Friday morning was taken up with getting ready for the barbecue. Making the rissoles, preparing the salad, cleaning the bbq, etc. I don't help with the preparation so I actually got a little bit of normal work done in the morning.

Then, at lunch was the barbecue itself, and then the clean up afterwards, which I helped in. After that was demolitions!

All the computers in this two thirds had to be packed up and moved to the other part of the office. Then all the "stuff" on shelves, etc had to be boxed up and moved. The mail server, application server and file servers had to be shut down and moved. The kitchen had to be emptied. I'm sure you get the idea.

No work done from mid-day Friday.

The only thing of interest on the weekend was that my personal training appointment is now Saturday Mornings at 10:30, instead of a week night. I think it's the first time I have ever been to the gym during the day light. Weird!

Monday morning after a Chiropractic appointment I get to work about 11:00am, and it's still chaos. The new carpet's in (dark blue, with flecks through it) and the painting is done (cream, with a feature wall at reception of maroon), but...

Since everything had to be dismantled, Petey, the IT Manager thought that would be a good time to upgrade the hubs so that they are all 100Mbps switches. Of course, some of the computers didn't like this. We've worked it out that it's most likely that the cables aren't good enough to support the 100 switch, but for the moment all those cables are running out of one of the old hubs!

Also the application server now keeps failing every half hour or so. Fun!

'Work' didn't restart until about 2:30 in the afternoon, and we're still being plagued by problems.

And the best part? We've got to repeat it all (on a much smaller scale) for this weekend for the other third of the office. Luckily none of the servers get affected this time.

Not much else of import that I can think of until today.

I get paid weekly by cheque on a Friday, which means that it clears ready for use on Wednesday. So I do the usual banking stuff today, paying bills and the like, and find at the end of it I have more money let over than I thought I would. So I checked out how much was still owing on the car loan, transferred that across, and PAID IT OUT!

My car, dear little Jeff, is now completely mine and the loan is gone! Or at least, will be tomorrow once the payment goes through.

Hurrah! At least some good news.

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