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Gen Con Oz

I am hoping that the organisational stuff-ups to this point do not effect the actual running of Gen Con Oz, because they haven't been going that well so far.

However, the events are starting to show up in their system, so things are going ahead.

Gen Con Oz runs Thursday July 3 till Sunday July 6 (no public holidays) and the current cost is $55 for 4 day entry or $16.50 per day plus event fees. If you want to have a look at what events are available have a look at the Event Search page.

I'm running three games there: 12/1, Pathway to Eternity and Ball of Dreams, Travis is running The Wake, plus I noticed that Der Golden Sterne (written by our very own Caine) is also running, Megan Bushby is running The Scarlet Pimpernel, Wit and Wedlock is also there plus a Legend of the Five Rings: Heroes of Rokugan game as well.

A grand total of 8 Freeforms at the moment (with The Wake running twice).

With the Tabletops they currently have 149 "events" in the catalog and I doubt it's complete yet. I know that our very own Kevin Powe is doing Empty Chambers, Spent Shells, a Feng Shui game, and if his past exploits are anything to go on, it should be an awesome game.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I expect this Gen Con to go poorly, simply due to the fact that it's the first Gen Con Oz. However, if we want it to go well in the future, we have to put every effort into getting it as good as it can be now. So, if you have a chance, please come along and give it a go. The more people who turn up this year, the more chance there is of it running again (and the more chance we have of teaching these American gamers what roleplaying is really about).

Come along. I don't think it's going to be "The Best Four Days in Gaming", but I'm going to give it my best shot.
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