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I've had an idea which could become "the next big thing" (tm).

So, I'm thinking over things and working on a prototype of the website so I can work out what what information I need for the database.

It's all coming along reasonably well, except for one thing.

I suck at design/layout. You give me a technical problem, and I can solve it. I'll work out what code is needed and make it do whatever it is that I want it to do. The solution will work wonderfully. It will however look like it was designed by a 6 year old.

I have a good eye, though. I can look at a site and know whether it's a good design or a crap one. I just uniformly create crap ones, unless it's a design I stole off someone else. And that seems to be the thing. My designs are crap, but I can tweak someone else's design to make it work with what I'm trying to do.

All I have to say is thank $deity for sites like http://www.freecsstemplates.org and http://www.free-css-templates.com/ that I can steal designs from.

I know my limitations, they just piss me off.
Tags: css, geekery, links, web

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