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Both e_apraksina and foto_arxiv are Russian journals who have a hell of a lot of really great images, mostly photography and some digital work. foto_arxiv is exclusively still pictures I think, while e_apraksina includes some video and animated gif's as well.

stock.xchng is a free stock photo site. Most of the artwork has a standard licence that allows them to be used for most purposes free, but not for pornographic or unlawful purpose, for spreading hate, etc. Really useful and I've been grabbing a lot of their images for use in roleplaying.

Block Posters allows you to upload an image and it will turn it into a block poster of whatever size you want, split into individual A4 or Letter pages, as a pdf document. I've done a few that I'm intending to print out and put on walls.

Genius Printing is a canvas print shop based in Melbourne. They look pretty good but I haven't tried them out yet.

The Peirce Clipart Collection is useful, and it's free!

Free vector graphics at Vecteezy and FreeVectors.net.

Lots of free icons as IconArchive.
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