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Thinking about food at the moment.

The mid-winter party is this Saturday and I'm trying to work out what I want to bring. Previously I've done my stock standard fresh vegies and dip, and to me it feels like a cop out. Very little actual effort goes into it, and I may as well just buy something from the shops and bring it along.

This time I'd actually like to bring something I've made, something from me. There are two issues with this.

Firstly, I don't really cook that much, and I don't really have much of an idea what I can make.

Secondly, I'm not really going to have much time free before then. I'm running the Camarilla Changeling game again this Saturday (the venue is confirmed so it's actually on this time) and most of my free time until then is going to be preparing for it. The game finishes at 5:00pm on Saturday and I've already arranged for Travis to pick me up from the venue and take me home, so I really only have the half hour or so after that to finish whatever it is I want to make (I'd rather not make Travis late). One option would be for Travis to go to the party and leave me behind, and I'll organise some other means of getting there.

So, anyway, I really need to expand my party food repertoire.

I'm considering making a trifle for desert. That's something I can collect all the bits together before hand, and then throw it together in not that much time. Another option is mini-pizza's that are made in muffin tins (it was my mother's idea, and they work). Other than that, I'm out of ideas.

So any ideas people? I'm looking for both quick and easy things that I can make in time for this party, plus other things that might take longer for other parties.
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