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14 hours!

It's been an interesting last four days.

Saturday was Yum Cha lunch in the city with weaselfetish and friends so we can meet his lovely lady. I've already met the lovely lady, but I went along for the good company anyway.

Then was over to teknohippi's place for a games night. I played 2 games of Carcasone, a game of Ticket to Ride and then another game of Carcasone. I did my usual trick of not winning and not loosing, but ending up somewhere in the middle. Good fun though.

Sunday started with the character creation session of the Shadowrun freeform Hilary and I are running through Caligo Mundi. We had 9 players there for the creation session, and I know of another half dozen or so people who want to play, so it should be a decent game. First session will be the second Sunday of August, the week after the 7th Sea game.

After we finished there I had Travis drop me off at work. The project that I've been complaining about recently was still going. Even though the project had to be finished by June 30th, the earliest the end client could get the people together for training was July 14th, so we have been working on it for the last two weeks, while the specifications are still changing. They decided they wanted the UI design to be completely different to what they asked for last time, and certain other functionality had changed from what they initially thought it was and so on.

To make things worse, the guy in charge of the UI design at work was on holidays all of last week because he had his kids for the last week of the school holidays, so he couldn't do anything with the design work at all.

Rob, got to work at about 2:00pm on Sunday afternoon, and I arrived about 6:00pm. Adam turned up about 8:00pm, and Dan (the UI guy) turned up about 11:00pm or so, after having the kids all week (and waking up at about 7:00am that morning because that's when the kids got up). Rob ended up going home at about 3 or 4 in the morning because he was turning up at the training session the next morning so needed at least some sleep.

At about 7:30 Monday morning I zipped up the completed project and emailed it to the client so they could put it on their server ready for the training session that was to start about 9. Rob rang about then as well, indicating he was leaving home and heading for the end client's site. We got one error log through at about 8:40, and then nothing, so it looked like the system held together well.

Dan wandered upstairs to a spare room, turned on the heater, closed the door and had a nap. I considered going home, but I knew that I wouldn't sleep well during the day since me bedroom is at the front of the house the the road we're on is busy enough to have a reasonable amount of traffic. Plus I had a myotherapy appointment at 3:00pm, which means I would have to get up about 2 or so to make it. So, I stayed at work. I wasn't doing anything even remotely resembling work, just playing games and web surfing and the like.

We had Dev-Lunch at about 1:00pm, and Rob wasn't back yet. Got back to the office about 2:30 and got ready to leave. Rob walked in about 2:45 and gave us a quick run down on what happened. The users complained about three things, one of which was out clients fault, another was the end-clients fault, and the third was the fault of both the client and end-client combined. Nothing was our fault, so we were all very happy.

As I was running out the door, Rob said he was going to go home and wasn't intending to be in the next day (today). I thought that was a good idea and let everyone know I'd be back at work on Wednesday. I then ran out the door and caught a tram up to my myotherapy appointment. I finished that a bit past 4 and headed home. Did a small amount of organisational stuff, had a nice hot shower, and then went to bed a little bit past 5.

I don't remember falling asleep, and woke up this morning a bit past 7:00 am, 14 hours later.

I feel so much better. Today is a nice lazy day and I have achieved nothing so far and am enjoying it immensely. I have a few jobs on my to-do list, but not really that much.

When I went in to work on Sunday night I wasn't expecting to do an all-nighter, but I was expecting to be there late, leaving there at midnight at the earliest, though more likely 2 or 3 in the morning. While the time constraints have been annoying, I've really enjoyed the actual work I've been doing, so it's actually been a lot of fun.

I probably should sign off about now as the cats are complaining that I'm not paying them enough attention. :)
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