Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Busy, busy, busy

Taking tomorrow off work and doing shopping instead.

Three main stops on my to-do list.

Firstly is Forty Winks for a new bed. I'm going to buy a new mattress and bed frame. The bed frame I want is the Clarecraft Jarrah Como. I also want some more of the set, but my bedroom isn't really big enough with the fireplace (that we're not actually allowed to use) in it, so I'm not going to spend money yet on things I can't really use.

As a result, the second stop is Ikea. Plan is to pick up the Malm Chest of 6 Drawers which is a little bit narrower than the Como set equivalent, plus a Stave mirror for above the drawers, and a Malm Chest of 2 Drawers for a bedside table, all in birch veneer.

Final stop is the National Storage at Brunswick to organise a storage unit so I can reorganise my life.

Since I'm going to be running around all over the place, I'm hiring a car from Flexicar for the day. Well, actually I'm hiring it from 7:00pm tonight till 7:00pm tomorrow evening. The car I've booked is a Subaru Forrester, so it should have enough room to be able to get all the Ikea stuff home so I don't have to pay for delivery.

The major thing for tomorrow is the new bed, because I am currently in a great deal of pain, and I think that I'm going to stay that way until my bed is replaced. I doubt very much whether the bed will be ready in less than a week, but I think I can cope with the waiting until then.

So, on the list of things for tonight is a visit to Kmart to pick up some more storage boxes, and then trying to empty my room as much as possible so I've got the room to build the stuff from Ikea tomorrow. I'm probably going to pack a lot of the boxes tonight and put them in the car, and visit the storage place first thing tomorrow.

I've made a decision and I'm acting on it. I must be ill. :)
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