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Mornings, and shopping

I hate mornings. More importantly, they hate me.

I complain about how I'm not a morning person a lot of the time, and I doubt very much people quite understand what I mean.

Allow me to give you an example.

I set my alarm for the normal time this morning. Now, I use my phone as my alarm, so when it went off this morning I reached over and grabbed it, and pressed the right button to turn off the alarm, and then reached back and put it back where it was.

I rolled back over thinking about how much I didn't want to get up, and then the phone rang. The very phone that I had just finished putting back. I reached for it, however the phone rang for a grand total of about 3 seconds and then stopped. I was curious as to who wanted to ring and then changed their minds, so I finished reaching over and grabbed it.

That was when I noticed that the time between the alarm going off and the phone ringing was about two and a half hours. As far as I was aware, it was no more than about 30 seconds between the alarm going off and the phone ringing, but the clock doesn't lie. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence.

Some days I'm lucky and I sleep properly and wake well. However most days I don't, and that's why I'm doing so badly at "getting things done" at the moment.

However, things should improve shortly.

As I had planned, I took Wednesday off to do some shopping. I picked up the car Tuesday night, packed a number of boxes and storage cubes, and packed the back of the car.

First stop Wednesday (once I was able to wake up, another slow morning) was National Storage at Brunswick. They have two facilities there. The main one is only accessible while the office is open, that is 8:00am till 6:00pm Monday to Friday, and 10:00am till 4:00pm Weekends. Since most of the time I expect I'll be going to the storage facility after work, this doesn't help me. Their second facility (which is just behind them, across the road) can be opened via pin code for whatever times they specify, so I got a unit in there with the facility to access it from 7:00am till 9:00pm seven days of the week (usual access is 7:00am till 7:00pm) for no extra cost.

The stuff that was in the car was put in there (and it all looks so lonely all alone in the storage unit) and then off to Forty Winks in Prahran. The reason I went all the way over to Prahran is that they are the people that Travis bought his bed from (when we originally looked we didn't know where we were going to be living yet) and they gave very good customer service, so I feel I should reward good service. I'm glad I did, as they once again gave very good service.

I asked about the Como bed, and they said they don't have them themselves, but they can order them easily enough. So, I ordered the bed (less than I was fearing, too) and the new mattress (firm and very comfortable) for just under $4000 and got it all on 18 months interest free. Expensive, but worth it.

The mattress will be delivered on Saturday, and the bed frame will be delivered when it's made and shipped from Western Australia.

Then off to Ikea where I bought the chest of 6 drawers, chest of 2 drawers and the mirror, plus a few small bits while I was there.

If I hadn't have rented the car from Flexicar, it would have cost me $65 for delivery. The maximum cost for 24 hours of hire of the Flexicar is $89, but they have a promotion for 24 hour hires during the week costing at most 4 hours hire, so I think that makes it between $60 and $65 total. Add to that the fact I could get some stuff to the storage unit easily, and was able to wander around town without having to deal with public transport (I don't have a problem with public transport, and Melbourne's public transport (especially the trams) is fantastic, it's just annoying under certain circumstances when you have a lot of places to go to) it was totally worth it.

Got my shopping home and unloaded and started rearranging my room in preparation for building my Ikea. Got most of it done, and then zipped off to take the car back (bye bye Hercules) and then into town for a Chiropractor adjustment. Boy I needed it!

Then home again to finish rearranging my room and start on my Ikea jigsaw puzzles. The 6 drawer chest is now built and sitting where I want it, but I'm not going to put the 2 drawer chest together until I finish clearing out and rearranging my room. However, the room works so much better already. I'm happy with it.

So now it's just waiting until the mattress and then the bed frame arrive, and then I'm set. The mattress should make a huge difference to both my piece of mind, and my pain levels.

Fingers crossed.
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