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I am not ignoring you

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Just so that you are aware, I am not ignoring you. Between being ill, computer problems and not having much time with getting everything ready for the Melbourne trip I have had to let my LJ posting slide.

Don't expect much for the next three weeks or so. I fly down to Melbourne Wednesday afternoon, the roleplaying convention (Conquest is over the four days of the Easter long weekend, and then I've got a week and a half of holidays, flying back on the 29th of April.

Today, however hasn't been a good day for me. Had a chiropratic appointment this morning, and walked out feeling much better. Well, ran out feeling much better actually, but that was only because it was raining.

Driving from the clinic to work, had to slow down at one point to let the guy in front of me pull into a driveway. I pull my foot off the brake, put it back onto the accelerator to speed back up and continue the trip, and the asshole behind me runs into my car.


No real damage, but the impact was enough to put everything that had just been adjusted back where it was before the adjustment. Oh well, there goes $40, and I need to make another appointment for Tuesday before I go.

This time in five days I'll be in Melbourne.

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