Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Fucking Drunks!

Tomorrow (today actually) is bin day.

I was about to go to bed so the last thing I usually do on a Thursday night before going to bed is put the bins out (and yes, 2 in the morning is a fairly common time for me to do this).

I grab the kitchen bin, tie the bag up, and take it out the front and dump it in the wheelie-bin. I can hear a lot of noise coming from the Sydney Rd end of Reynard St, where the pub is. I then walk back inside, put a new bag in the kitchen bin and put the bin away, and then grab the recycling box and wander out the front with that.

In the few minutes it took me to come in and then go back out again, some drunken fuck had run all the way up Reynard St and kicked over every single bin that was sitting on the curb waiting for pickup the next morning. So, that's 2 bins at each place (regular and recycling) for about 20 to 30 houses that I could see (only on this side of the road, as the other side has a different garbage day), all kicked onto the street with their garbage strewn over the footpath and street.

A lady from a couple of houses down heard the noise and came out, so she picked up her bins while I was picking up mine, but the rest of them will remain. I have no idea if the garbage collectors will empty those bins. I hope so.

Tags: angry, rant

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