Random (halloranelder) wrote,

New Years Eve, 2008

What are you doing for New Years Eve this year? Some of my friends are organised, in that I've already been invited to one New Years Eve Party.

I've also been pointed at Euchronia, a "</em>Neo-Victorian Year's End Ball</em>", at Trades Hall on New Years Eve till some ungodly hour the next morning. And to be honest, it's very tempting. I have never been to an event like this, and I'm thinking quite seriously about it. The fact that the person who pointed me at it is one of the DJ's for the night has absolutely nothing to do with it, honestly.

The problem is that I wouldn't want to go to it alone, and I really would like to make an effort at a costume if I was to go.

I like the outfit the guy is wearing in the poster (and to be honest, I think he's very cute too) and would love to try and do up something slightly steampunk that would fit in with the theme. Tickets are $55 if bought before hand, so is there anyone interested in coming along with me?
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