Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Geeks, I need your advice

Running two different roleplaying games over the weekend at places that didn't have internet I could use showed to me how much I rely on it.

So I'm looking at getting some mobile broadband, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice or prior experience?

Currently I am running two freeforms a month in venues that don't have access, and since I'm in charge of those games, those are the ones that I think I really need it for.

My mobile is currently with Vodafone, and I've been advised that Three is pretty good, plus I'm aware of a number of other providers.

I'd rather not get tied down to a contract because I already have internet at home, and there is no guarantee that I'm going to need it for the next 24 months or so (which is what most of the contracts look like being). Anyone have any knowledge?
Tags: geekery, internet

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