Random (halloranelder) wrote,

My Brain is trying to kill me

I'm working on my game for Arcanacon, and keeping things in mind for my games for Conquest, and working on things for my games at Pheno, and my brain comes up with this.

A new game, tentatively titled: Chairman of the Board

Emerald Inc. is the most well know multi-dimensional/multi-planar corporation in the known multiverse, and under the guidance of the Chairman of the Board, Sir Oscar Diggs, has placed itself as number one of Fortunes Top 5000 for the last 23 years. Specialising in the Import/Export trade, Emerald Inc has placed itself in many Realms throughout the 'verse.

The Annual (Earth Calendar) General Meeting will take place this Saturday at 2:00pm sharp. All members of the Board of Directors are required to attend.

"It is ten minutes past the hour of two o'clock, and the Chairman is not here. WHERE IS HE?"

At the moment I'm thinking of running it at Gen Con Oz 2009, and Unicon 2009. Currently I'm thinking 12 to 15 players or there about.
Tags: conventions, roleplaying

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