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This weekend

I'm in Sydney for Mardi Gras this weekend, staying with the ever-exciting ozisim.

I've got a haircut this afternoon, possibly another one tomorrow morning (depending on what we decide to do with my hair), and I fly out of Melbourne 3:15 tomorrow afternoon.

Should be landing in Sydney about 4:40 or so, and once I'm out of there I'll be going to Sim's place, most likely via Taxi (since it actually works out cheaper than taking the train, and shorter). I believe Sim is intending to go to Karaoke Friday night, and I'm going along to point and laugh.

Nothing is specifically planned for Saturday during the day, except for getting into the city for the Parade. I'm meeting up with the people I should be marching with about 5:00 or so, and I'll be staying with them for the rest of the night until the Parade is over. I believe that the Parade starts about 7:45 (with the Dykes on Bikes), and our group should start marching about 8:30 or so, but of course that's still to be confirmed, and liable to change until we actually do start Marching.

After the March I'll be catching up with Sim again, and working out what we're doing from there. I believe that some of the people are going to be going to a goth club afterwards. I've gone with them previously, but it's not really my thing (since I don't really know enough of the people there to be comfortable without someone "babysitting" me) so I have no idea what we're going to be doing.

As for Sunday and Monday, the only thing on the to-do list is that on one of those days Sim and I will be heading to Sushi for lunch. I can't go to Sydney and visit Sim without at least one visit to the Sushi train for lunch. :)

I fly out 9:15 Monday night from Sydney, landing in Melbourne at 10:30 or so.
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