Random (halloranelder) wrote,

Unicon is live

The new Unicon Website is now live.

There's no games on it yet, as we haven't done the call for games yet, but that should be happening soonish. We still haven't decided on the timetable yet, and I've put the three variations we're thinking of on the site for people to look at. Once a decision is made, then the website will be modified to suit.

Currently we're looking at the default 7 sessions (4 Saturday, 3 Sunday), 8 sessions (rego Friday evening, 1 Session Friday night, 4 Saturday, 3 Sunday) or 9 sessions (rego Friday afternoon, 2 Sessions Friday evening/night, 4 Saturday, 3 Sunday).

The two main deciding factors will of course be whether the players want the extra sessions, and how much it's going to cost for the venue. We will see.
Tags: conventions, roleplaying, unicon

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