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Conquest status update

Not finished unfortunately.

It will be finished in time, I'll just stress about it until then.

For A Darkened World, 20 out of the 24 first batch of characters are completely done, and three of the others are between 80% to 95% done. The last one I haven't started, but that's deliberate in that I don't want to touch that character until all the rest are done.

Then there's the 23 second batch of characters, but they will be quick as they are only stats and no story.

To explain what I'm talking about, A Darkened World is two games in one. I'm running a freeform with 24 characters, and one of those characters is running a LARP with 23 characters. The first batch of character are the freeform characters, and they are the ones with all the story information, and who's doing what to whom. The second batch of characters are the stat sheets for the LARP, and these are just numbers as all the important who/what/where information is on the primary character sheets.

There is still the auxiliary information and print outs, but the game can run without them if necessary.

For Lockdown I just want to go over a couple of the characters and see if they need anything more to them.

For Poker Club, I haven't written a thing, but that's a grand total of about 4 hours work at most (from prior experience). I know approximately what I want to do, I just need to work out the best way to say it.

I deliberately took Thursday off work to make sure I have everything done. I am planning on making sure that everything is done by Thursday evening so I can actually go to bed at a decent time. It's a nice thought.
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